Auto Accidents in Ogden


Every year thousands of people are involved in car accidents in Ogden. Many different injuries, including whiplash, occur in these accidents. Too many whiplash injury sufferers don't seek the proper treatment they require.

Our Ogden Chiropractors Can Help

Whiplash neck injury and back pain can be effectively treated and recovery can happen. If you or someone you know has been in a car accident, seek chiropractic help immediately to determine whether a whiplash or soft tissue injury has occurred.

Don't Make This Mistake

Medications may mask neck and low back pain resulting from a whiplash injury, but they do not aid your body's ability to heal injuries from an auto accident. An auto accident often makes your neck and back sore due to soft tissue injury from the whiplash. Proper treatment should include therapy to restore normal motion and strengthen injured tissues. Back pain treatment at our pain clinic will include a pain specialist, chiropractor, physical therapist and pain management doctors. Pain therapy will often include back pain exercises and spinal decompression. Call to talk with our auto accident doctor.

Benefits Of Therapy

Your body, especially your head and neck, have likely suffered stress and trauma as a result of the collision. Here are some of the positive benefits to be gained from our program of restorative chiropractic care and physical/ occupational therapy.

  • Prevention of Arthritis
  • Relief from Head and Neck Pain
  • Stronger and more Flexible Muscles
  • Increased Nerve Supply to All Areas of Your Body
  • Increased Athletic Ability
  • Decreased Chance of Re-Injury
  • Increased Overall Health

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