Facts About Whiplash in Ogden


Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about whiplash in Ogden and the resulting injuries. The following statements should help dispel the myths about whiplash and give a better understanding of this deceptive injury.

whiplash misconceptions in Ogden

You CAN be injured in an auto accident of less than 12 mph.

The fact is only about 22% of auto injuries occur when impacts were greater than 12 mph. 60% of injuries happen in car accidents with low speeds of 6-12 mph, and yet another 18% received soft tissue injury when impact was less than 6 mph.

You CAN have a whiplash injury even if your car has no structural damage.

Most cars can withstand a crash of 8-12 mph without any damage. More than half of all whiplash injuries happen without any damage to the vehicle.

Whiplash symptoms DO NOT ALWAYS occur immediately after a car accident.

The fact is, an individual may have some pain immediately following a car accident, but whiplash symptoms may not occur for hours, days, weeks or possibly even months. This is why it's imperative for anyone involved in a car accident to seek professional health care immediately to determine whether a whiplash injury has actually occurred.

Whiplash DOES affect women more than men.

There are many factors that affect the severity and length of whiplash symptoms. Your age, your gender, even your physical condition and posture play a vital role. As you get older, you start to lose flexibility and strength in your neck. When this happens, your neck can't handle the strain from an auto accident as well as it once could.

Statistically, women experience whiplash more than men. This is primarily due to the fact that men have stronger neck muscles and women have smaller neck bones. Poor posture at the time of the accident can worsen the whiplash injury. If you are a smoker, the healing process can be prolonged. Each of these factors alone or combined can have a major impact on how severe your whiplash injury will be or the length of time it may take to recover.

Symptoms of whiplash DO NOT just include neck pain.

The fact is, there can be many symptoms in a whiplash injury. Neck pain, shoulder injury and upper back pain are just a few. The following injury statistical averages are astounding and eye opening: 92% of whiplash injuries cause neck pain. 57% suffer headaches, 56% fatigue, 49% shoulder pain, 44% anxiety (yes, anxiety), 42% upper back pain, 39% low back pain, 39% sleep disturbance, 26% impaired concentration. These are many but not all of the symptoms from whiplash injuries.

Chiropractic care is helpful in the treatment and recovery of whiplash.

If you are in a car accident, you should be checked out as soon as possible by a chiropractor. You may not realize that you've sustained an auto accident injury. Whiplash injury can improve with chiropractic care. A chiropractor will conduct an exam and may request x-rays when diagnosing your injury. If a chiropractor does determine that a whiplash injury has occurred he/ she may use a number of safe and effective treatment options to help restore the proper range of motion of the affected area.

The overall fact: if you have been involved in any type of auto accident, there is a great probability that you have sustained a whiplash injury, or, at the very least, a soft tissue injury.

As a guideline, if your car has accident damage of any sort, your body will have injury damage also. The injury may not present itself right away; it may show up much later causing long-term or even permanent problems. Regardless of the severity of a car accident, you should be checked out thoroughly by a health care professional as soon as possible. We understand that following an auto accident, you may experience personal injury with headache, neck pain, or back pain. You will also likely be dealing with insurance companies, auto repair shops, and rental car agencies - that can be stressful, too.

Some of the most common symptoms are pinched nerves and pain in the neck or back and shoulder pain following an injury from an auto accident. Our goal is to make treatment of your whiplash injuries as efficient and painless as possible. Chiropractic, physical therapy, spinal decompression, and pain management are offered at our pain clinic, making it quick and easy to get all the treatment you need in one stop.

We will handle the insurance paperwork for you, schedule convenient appointments, and deal with insurance companies and attorneys if need be.

An auto accident commonly results in multiple problems including back pain, nerve pain, headaches, shoulder pain, arm pain, arthritis pain, and chronic pain. Our personal injury pain doctor will determine the best pain treatment for your auto accident injuries. We also treat fibromyalgia, spinal injury, and neck injury.

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