Referring Offices in Ogden


Wondering how providers refer you to our Ogden clinic? This article will explain the steps that it takes to be seen by Utah Pain & Rehab.

Scheduling a Patient in Ogden

There are two ways for referring practices to schedule patients with Utah Pain & Rehab's pain management specialists:

  • Have your patient contact us directly at (801) 337-4000 or online at, to schedule an appointment.
  • FAX a copy of the patient's demographics sheet including their contact information to (801) 337-4002 and we will contact the patient to schedule an appointment.

Referring Offices FAQ

When is the optimal time in their treatment plan to refer a patient to Utah Pain & Rehab for evaluation by a pain medicine specialist?

Patients with any of the clinical presentations/conditions listed below are excellent candidates for referral to the pain medicine specialists of Utah Pain & Rehab for appropriate, ethical and comprehensive evaluation:

Treatment-based "trigger points" for referral to pain medicine:

  • Any time the physician feels uncomfortable with the patient's clinical progress or medication use.
  • Patient on stable opioid analgesic pain medication who states it is no longer effective, or patient requiring a medication switch.
  • Lack of response to physical therapy after 4-6 visits or 30-45 days.
  • Consider referral to UP&R for confirmatory diagnosis and evaluation prior to physical therapy.

Condition-based "trigger points" for referral:

  • Radicular arm or leg pain from the neck or low back, if associated with extremity sensory or motor changes consider immediate referral.
  • Residual pain after neck or low back surgery, regardless of when the surgery occurred.
  • Neuropathic pain, particularly of the upper or lower extremities.
  • Pain that limits function and activity, including headache, vertebral compression fracture, spasticity, and non-malignant cancer pain.
  • New-onset weakness/sensory deficits in upper or lower extremities.

Time-based "trigger points" for referral:

  • New (acute) pain lasting more than one month, or still not resolving at follow-up visit.
  • Pain that requires short-acting opioid for longer than 1-2 months.

Do the UP&R physicians refer to each other within the group for patients requiring specialized treatments?

Yes, Utah Pain & Rehab is a group practice comprised of interventional pain management specialists who provide care for patients with chronic pain conditions in a team-oriented environment, focused on accelerating your patient's path to enhanced functionality.

What if our practice needs a patient scheduled as soon as possible?

UP&R's scheduling team and physicians take great pride in maintaining scheduling flexibility to accommodate our referring offices' patients. Please contact the appropriate office for special situations as they arise; our schedulers will do everything possible to expedite your patient's appointment.

Does Utah Pain & Rehab schedule patients for medication management?

Yes, as a service to our referring practices, we offer appropriate medication management to patients. UP&R providers have developed an effective program to provide care for medication management patients. Our providers' goal is to reduce patients' dependence on controlled substances.

Additionally, UP&R maintains the highest standards of compliance with state and federal regulations and adherence/ monitoring protocols. Our providers will also provide consultation to referring practices to assist them in the management of patients prescribed controlled substances, upon request.

What types of chronic pain conditions does Utah Pain & Rehab treat?

UP&R's pain management specialists treat all chronic pain conditions, including back pain, neck pain, failed back surgery syndrome, neuropathic pain, headaches/migraines, sports injuries and work-related injuries. Additionally, our specialists will accept appropriate medication management patients from their referring providers. Please feel free to contact our office if there is ever a question or a situation for which your practice requires assistance.

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